Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a voluntary process in which divorcing spouses and others, who are terminating their relationship, with the assistance of Collaborative Professionals, work toward a mutually fair and equitable end to their marriage or relationship without the acrimony, anxiety, and financial cost that often accompanies litigation.

Through the Collaborative Process, the parties agree to resolve the issues in their dissolution in a mutually beneficial way by making an emotional and financial commitment to resolve their matter privately, outside of the court system.

In the Collaborative Process, the parties are empowered to make their own decisions based upon their particular needs and interests.

Divorce and separation do not have to mean the dissipation of your assets to support needless litigation. The Collaborative Process can be cost effective for all parties.

The Collaborative Financial Professional can help you and your spouse or partner in making the important financial decisions that will have both a short and a long term impact on your future financial security.

Making good financial decisions during the process is crucial to the outcome of a fair and equitable settlement. And, because there are no depositions and no contested court hearings, or the need for expert testimony, the Collaborative Process offers a potential for significant savings over the costs of a traditional, litigated divorce or paternity action.

Unlike the discovery process in contested litigation, the parties in the Collaborative Family Law Process voluntarily exchange documents and information

Len Nassi, CFP®, CDFA™ is a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™. He can work as part of the team with your Collaborative Family Law Attorney to help both spouses find an acceptable financial solution to their divorce settlement. In Collaborative Practice, Len is engaged as the Financial Neutral, a consultant to both spouses, who offers independent solutions to help you and your spouse find an agreement that suits your situation.

Len has invested his time in advanced education and specialized training in all the financial aspects of divorce. With 25 years of financial experience, he is well versed in and understands the intricate financial implications of divorce settlements. Len uses state of the art software to provide couples or individuals with detailed reports that show the financial impact of any given settlement proposal on each spouse.

In Collaborative Divorce, there is a vital and special role for a neutral professional with specialized financial expertise and training – someone that has come to be known as the Financial Specialist. Simply put, the financial specialist assist the team by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the divorcing couple’s financial affairs including assets that are owned (such as homes, bank accounts, stock, retirement plans, businesses), debts that are owed (such as mortgages, loans, credit cards) and cash flows derived from work and from other sources.

The financial specialist also learns of how the family has managed risk – for example life insurance policies that are in place. The financial specialist comprehensively gains all of the information that would have, in the litigation model, been gathered by two battling attorneys through an expensive and tedious process known as “discovery” – a process during which attorneys would often disagree about what the assets and liabilities actually were.

With a clear and comprehensive picture of a divorcing family’s finances in mind and with a picture of what each parents’ realistic needs are, the financial specialist can help maximize the available assets to best meet the needs of each parent and of the children. This is done from a position of neutrality – a position in which the financial specialist is not trying to get the most for each parent (as in litigation) but is trying to make the most of the available assets for the good of all members of the family.

Thus, the financial specialist is often in a position to truly observe and uphold the integrity of the overall Collaborative process. The financial specialist therefore plays a key role for the family and for the professional members of the Collaborative team.