Identify Marital Assets

As a CDFA™, we first look at the marital assets belonging to you and your spouse in the traditional way. The intent is to divide the property as equitably as possible and plan for any appropriate child and/or spousal support.

But we don’t stop there. We will examine the long term effects that a proposed property/support settlement has upon your future financial well-being. This is necessary because different assets, which may have equal value today, may be projected to behave differently and have vastly different values in the future.

In addition, our analysis will consider factors such as: impact of inflation upon living expenses, different tax brackets of the parties as single individuals, special tax issues, present value of pensions, stock options, deferred income, replacement of insurances, cost basis and performance of individual investments, alimony and child support, possible buyouts and their overall impact, and more.

Our goal is to help you navigate through your financial issues so you can make clear and appropriate decisions about your future.

Divorce Financial Solutions can help:

Gather Facts

  • Prepare a Historic Life-Style Analysis
  • Identify Marital Assets
  • Trace Money Flows through Personal, Business, Credit Card, and Brokerage Statements

Prepare Statements and Analysis

  • Prepare Your Net Worth Statement
  • Estimate the Need for or Ability to Pay Spousal Support
  • Prepare Short, Medium, and Long Term Cash Flow and Net Worth Projections
  • Develop a Realistic Post-Divorce Budget

Assess and Make Recommendations

  • Advise on the Division of Marital Assets and Liabilities
  • Evaluate what to do with the Family Home
  • Review Initial Proposal
  • Analyze Alternative Settlement Scenarios
  • Recommend Strategies to Minimize Taxes

Be Expert Witnesses

  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony in Trials and Arbitration
  • Assist Attorneys with Interrogatory Questions
  • Assist with Transferring Investment Accounts Awarded in your Divorce Settlement

Our analysis will help you structure an equitable settlement so you and your family will have greater security about your financial future.